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2020-04-30 13:57:35文/刘思琪





Last term I spent a lot of time adjusting myself to acquire knowledge and learn quite new things, such as Photoshop and After Effects.In a new start I hope I can study better and when facing emergency or something frustrating, I can calm down more quickly.

In the coming new term, there will be many challenging exams. Firstly, in June, there is a College English Test Band Four. In May, Certificate of Accounting Professional is around the corner. Without sufficient preparations, I can hardly expect to pass those exams. So I have to plan more time to take enough preparation.n addition, developing a good habit is of great significance. For instance, read some extracurricular books outside of class. Furthermore, I hope to find a part time job and earn some money on my own then I can use it for traveling expense in summer.

In spare time, watching foreign classic movie such as The Shawshank Redemption with a cup of tea is an interesting entertainment.


Chinese food is colorful, varied, delicious, and nutritious. Chinese people cares not only about the taste of the food, but also about its color and smell. Food in different places has different flavors. Beijing food is quite oily and salty; Shanghai food is sweet and light; Sichuan food is spicy and hot; and Cantonese food is fresh and tender. What's more, there are some popular local snacks. For example, Beijing Roast Duck has a good reputation for its tender meat, while the steam buns in Shanghai are well known for their juicy ingredients.


I have finished my senior high school life just six months ago and now I become a freshman. My senior high school is called Yantai No. 1 Middle School with a long history, which can be dated back to 1938. When I think of my memorable high school life, I feel blissful and impressive.

To be honest, my senior high school life was very tired but I really enjoyed it. I was asked to put study in the first place. At that time, I got up at 5:30 a.m. and went to bed late in order to have more study time to consolidate what I have learned in a day. Except for study, I also took part in some competition like English speech contest, the Calligraphy competition and so on.

Our class was like a big family. I got along well with my classmates. We always discussed issues after class. I have made many friends in this family and we still kept in touch after we graduated. Luckily, my teachers were also very enthusiastic and friendly. We were seen as their children. They taught me much knowledge and told me how to behave well.


As we all realized that every one of us will fail during our life. Take me for an example, I fail in my exam. In fact, failure always does appear, which also means that failure is a daily occurrence, however, when facing the failure, different people have different attitudes.

Some people hold the view that failure is the meaning whenever they could not be successful. Thus, if meeting with failure, they will feel so nervous that they have no idea what they are supposed to do. As time goes by, they become more and more dispirited while eventually, they could do nothing well.On the contrary, there are some people tending to believe another idea. From their point of view, failure is outstanding due to the fact that it can give them plenty of encouragement. Therefore, if facing failure, they will be quite courageous and then try their best to beat it, finally, they make their dream come true.

In summary, I wish when failure appears, each one of us could confront with it bravely and beat it, if possible.


My birthday is on May 19th. I often celebrate it with my friends. Usually, I have a good party at home with a few close friends. We sit together, singing, chatting, eating snacks, and having drinks. My friends always buy me some nice gifts, make birthday cards, and prepare a big birthday cake for me. The happiest moment is absolutely the moment I open the gifts, as I can get a big surprise every time. In the evening, we often have a big meal at a restaurant. We have many delicious dishes. After the meal, we will have the birthday cake. My friends always light the candles on the cake and sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Then I close my eyes, cross my fingers, and make a wish. After I blow out the candle, I cut the cake and share it with my friends. All of us feel joyful on that day. Although I celebrate my birthday in this way every year, I never feel bored, because I enjoy having fun together with my friends so much.


Don't Rely Too Much on Computers

The invention of computers has changed people's daily life in a dramatic way. It is possible for people to be socially active without leaving the house, watch videos of almost anything imaginable, play games that feel like real life and get easy access to the best and worst of the world. It is no wonder that a large quantity of people becomes addicted to computers.

Spending too much time in front of the computer may results in vision problems, back and neck pain, sleep disturbances, weight gain and Internet addiction. What's more, over-reliance on computers may lead to ill-spelling abilities and poor academic performance.

Undoubtedly, computers are a great addition to our life, and proper and safe use of them should always be a number one priority. Meanwhile, those less-than-pleasant consequences of computer overuse worth considering. Try to take breaks every hour, and periodically look away from the screen to give your eyes a break. Most importantly, don't let any online activities influence your family relationship.


Xiamen, located in Fujian province, is a famous coastal city. It's not only renowned for its natural beauty, but also for its modernization.As far as I'm concerned, Xiamen is very clean and pretty. In that city, we can enjoy clear sky, beautiful sea, and green tropical plants. I guess living there must be very pleasant.

As Xiamen is in the southeast of China and close to the sea, it's neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. It's warm and humid all the year round. But the best seasons to go to Xiamen are both spring and summer. In spring, it never winds so hard, so we can take a walk along the sea and breathe fresh air. As for summer, it's the best season for entertainment. We can go swimming in the sea and feel the soft sea wind on the beach. Perhaps we can find endless pleasure.

Next year if I have enough time and money, I plan to have a nice sightseeing tour in Xiamen with my close friends. I hope we can spend the happiest time together there.


Almost everyone wants to live a long life, but longevity is not for all people. It is reported that most long life people are in villages, far away from big cities. In village, life is closer to nature. The sky there is clear and pretty; the air is fresh; the water is clean; and the food they eat are natural, without any chemicals. Besides, those villages are abundant in green trees, beautiful flowers, fresh fruit, and wild animals, which can evoke people's passions for life. Moreover, the living pace in those villages is rather slow. People suffer less stress than cities’. Thus, they have more freedom to enjoy what they like. No wonder that most villagers are strong and healthy. If I become old someday, I would like to move to village to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant life.


The happiest memory in my childhood was making snowman with my friends. As I was a little boy, I always went out with my friends to make snowmen and play with snow when it snowed heavily. We divided ourselves into several groups, two or three people in each group. Then, we began to make our own snowman. We used buttons to be snowman's eyes and carrots for its nose. After making our snowman, we compared ours with others’ to decide whose snowman is the best. Sometimes, we wrapped our scarfs around snowmen or put our caps on their head, so as to make our snowman more beautiful. The last time I making a snowman was when I was in university. But it snowed rarely these years. Thus, making snowman has become the long-lost fun for me. How I hope it would be snowy this winter!


April 4th is the Tomb-sweeping Day in China, which is one of the most important traditional festivals. The young people will come back home and sweep tomb with their families. The meaning of Tomb-sweeping Day is to honor the ancestors and it has more than 2500 years' history. Chinese people pay special attention to remember their ancestors, so no matter how far they are, they always know where they are from. When they are old, they will return to the place where they are from. It is a good tradition. The sense of belonging makes people feel safe. What's more, the relationship between relatives makes the whole family become stronger, because people are united by the same ancestors. Thus, they treat each other as families and give support all the time. What a great tradition it is.


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